A special treat for you!

I'd like to share a special treat with you, my lovelies.  I hope you enjoy.

The Commute

When Darcy accepted the new job in downtown Los Angeles, she knew the 40-minute commute on I-10 to and from work would be would be tedious, but she decided just to make the best of it.  When the prestigious Law Firm hired her after graduating from Law School, she knew it was the excellent opportunity to take on the type of cases in every lawyer’s dreams.

It was a typical sun-filled Southern California Friday afternoon, and Darcy was thrilled to be able to sneak out of the office early.  Normally she wouldn’t do it, but for some reason today she decided to take the top off her convertible Corvette Z06 and soak up some sun on the long trip home.

She was making good time until up ahead she noticed the traffic had come to a complete standstill.

“Crap, what now?” she groaned as she slowed down to join the line of stopped cars.  “Damn, it looks like I’ll be here forever.”

Darcy decided to turn on her radio for any report of the problem and was disappointed to learn there had been a multi-car accident and they were calling in life-flight.

“That’s about right; I just went past an off-ramp, too.  Oh well, I might as well get comfortable.”  She turned off the engine then leaned back in her seat.  The warm California sun shone down on her, caressing her skin with its warmth.

While waiting, Darcy glanced around at the other drivers and noticed they were all sitting in their cars with their windows closed and busily talking on their cell phones.  What a shame to hide away from such a beautiful day, she thought to herself.

It had been a stressful week at work.  The ex-wife of one of their wealthy clients was stirring up some trouble, so Darcy had spent the last three days going through stacks of files to find anything they could use against her.

“Someday I’ll have a flunky to do the shitwork for me,” Darcy laughed quietly to herself.

Wondering if the traffic was beginning to move up ahead of her, she lifted up and looked over the windshield, trying to see if there were any emergency vehicles.

“Damn, it’s backed up for as far as I can see.”  All day she’d been looking forward to a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine when she got home, but it seemed as though her plans were delayed.

Ten minutes had passed since she joined the line of stopped cars, and the sun beating down on her had begun to make her uncomfortable.

“Damn, it’s getting hot.  Maybe I should have left the top up?” she groaned.

She glanced around at the other cars and noticed the occupants were still busy on their cell phones when she suddenly had an idea pop into her mind.

“No one will see,” she chuckled to herself as she unbuttoned her blouse, allowing the soft breeze to flow over her now moist skin.

That’s much better.  She opened the blouse even more, now exposing the red, lace bra hidden beneath.

The music on the radio was soothing and Darcy decided to relax and just enjoy her time as she waited for the traffic to move again.  The breeze flowing across her skin was refreshing, and as she lay there, a delicious idea came into her mind.

Without thinking, Darcy slowly reached down and pulled her skirt up allowing the air to caress her thighs.  She was thankful she never wore pantyhose like so many of the other women in the office.  Darcy had always found them to be uncomfortable and just too hot.

The breeze continued to caress her skin, causing her to spread her legs, allowing this delicious sensation into her most sensuous area.

Oh, that feels nice, she cooed silently as the coolness on her skin awoke a yearning in her that demanded satisfaction.

“The traffic doesn’t seem to be moving, so why not?” she whispered to herself.  She slowly slid her hand down toward her g-string panties and gently pushed it aside.

Her breath caught in his throat, causing her to gasp.  The glorious sensation of her finger sliding into her slit then touching her clit caused her body to shudder with pleasure.

“Oh, yes, that’s it,” she moaned as her finger rubbed against the now firm Pearl.

Darcy laid back in the driver’s seat with her eyes closed, completely caught up in this erotic experience when a strange feeling suddenly came over her.  Am I being watched?

She opened her eyes and to her surprise, she looked up into the smiling face of a truck driver, who had pulled up along the passenger side of her car.

Darcy was surprised how for some reason she did not stop her assault on her clit.  In fact, she found herself unable to turn away.  It was as though she was possessed by the captivating eyes of the man in a big, black Peterbilt truck.  What surprised her even more was she wanted him to watch as she pleased herself.

Peterbilt, what a great name for a truck, she laughed silently to herself.  As her eyes stayed locked with his, she wondered if he had an erection as he watched her.

No sooner had the thought entered her mind than he lifted up out of his seat and showed her his massive, hard cock firmly in his hand.  With their eyes transfixed, he stroked his rock hard cock in unison with her movements against her swollen clit.

Oh, this has to be the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced, Darcy thought to herself.

She suddenly wanted to share more with the mysterious man in the big, black truck.  She reached up and released the front clasp on her bra then she pulled it aside to expose her bountiful breasts.

The man smiled, letting her know he appreciated the view.  Completely lost in the moment, she quivered under the approving gaze of the sexy man watching her from the Peterbilt truck.

Darcy could tell he had an enticing build by the muscular arm stroking his cock.  She also had to admit he was quite handsome with his piercing blue eyes and dark, wavy hair that teased the collar of his shirt.  She spent most of her days with men in suits and perfectly combed hair, but she found something forbidden and dangerous about this man.

Her parents would never approve of him and her friends would wonder why she would waste her time.  He was everything she had tried to avoid her entire life, but now she questioned that decision.

The man smiled and nodded his approval again as he continued to stroke his cock with neither of them breaking their intense gaze.

Darcy saw the hunger in his eyes and she wondered if he could tell how aroused she was herself.  She took her hand and began to caress her breast, teasing the nipple until it was firm.

The man watched intently as she pleasured herself while he slowly stroked his cock.  His eyes burned with desire and need.  His body reacted to Darcy’s game of seduction, and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Her other hand was still working its magic on her clit when she stopped and slid her finger into her pussy.  She looked up at the man and saw his approving grin, which only increased her desire.

Darcy then leaned back further in the seat and lifted her hips, allowing him a better view of what she was doing.  She spread her moist folds, allowing him a clear view of her hidden pink while she now inserted two fingers and slowly fucked herself.

The heat building between them was undeniable.  Both found themselves caught up in a vivid fantasy, and Darcy prayed it would never end.  She pulled her fingers from her hot, wet slit and brought them up to her lips.  She paused a moment, teasing and taunting him before she opened her mouth and slowly licked each finger clean of her sweet juices.

The man tossed his head back, with a look of pure joy on his face.  “Do you want more?”  She mouthed to him.

The man nodded then licked his lips.

Darcy smiled, and then returned her hand to her waiting pussy.

Time seemed to stop as they both continued their dance of lust and need when Darcy felt her body begin to quiver with the release of her orgasm.  Her hand moved at a fevered pace as her body burned with pleasure and she could see in his eyes that he was on the verge of release himself.

“Yes, yes….oooh, yes!”  She yelled out as her body surrendered to the waves of delight flowing through her as she held her eyes firmly to his.  She saw the look of pleasure on his face as he released his own orgasm, and she smiled letting him know her approval.

Once he was spent, he dropped to his seat and ran his hand through his hair pushing it away from his face.  He held her gaze while mouthing the words, “Thank you.”

Darcy smiled and playfully mouthed the words in return, “You’re welcome.”  The sound of cars roaring to life around her let Darcy know this delicious time with the mysterious driver was over.

She looked at him once more and blew him a kiss.

Flashing her a bright smile, he reached up and pulled the cord for his air horn giving it two short blasts before he pulled away.

For a moment, Darcy pondered the idea of following the man who had just shared a glorious time while stuck in traffic.  However, she decided to keep this a treasured erotic memory. She had learned over the years how sometimes the fantasy is much better than the reality.

As the car in front of her pulled forward, she turned the key in the ignition and resumed her commute home.  Darcy found herself smiling, for she knew she would never feel the same way about her time traveling to and from work.

She smiled as she realized how the time she spent waiting in traffic with a sexy truck driver would forever be etched in her mind.  How the memory of a beautiful Friday afternoon while trapped on I-10, she shared a perfectly sensual experience with the hot man in a big, black Peterbilt.


I hope you've enjoyed my little story of seduction.  Having traveled the highways of this vast country, I confess this sort of thing happens more than you realize.  As a matter of fact, I must admit I’ve been guilty of partaking of a little “trapped in traffic” fun myself from time to time. 

If you enjoyed this little treat, I invite you to read my other offerings only available on Amazon.
Lustfully yours,

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  1. The art of passion is like a paint brush to a canvas. The amount of colors to choose from can create such a beautiful picture to the mind. The story you told can only creative a masterpiece in one's mind.