Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hello, again!

Wow, have I been away for a while.  Oh well, sometimes life demands to come first.  I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful summer, and fulfilling any of those fantasies mulling around in your wicked minds.

First of all, I want to announce that I am putting my books back on Smashwords.  I still plan to leave them on Amazon for you kindle readers, but I thought I wasn't being fair to those with Nook's and other ereaders.  I have a few more HOT and SEXY stories to share with you.  I have just finished another installment in The Assassins Kiss Chronicles.  It continues with Anika's story and how she came to be an Assassin.

I'm also planning a new series of shorts that will be FREE on Smashwords called Sexual Fantasies.  I think you'll enjoy the first installment titled The Commute.  Sometimes a woman needs a little distraction on her long, slow commute home.  Oh yes, this will make you want to get stuck in traffic.

I know I was a bad girl to stay away so long, but I promise to be a VERY bad girl from now on.  So, come on my sexy friends. Let's get HOT together.

Lustfully yours,