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Carnal Sex: A Walk on the Wild Side - Book 1

Chapter 1
“Please don’t tell me you’re planning to wear that tonight.”  Stacy grinned, as she watched Rachael pull the blue, knee length dress out of the closet she had worn to her job for the Superintendant of Schools many times before.
Rachel held out the dress and looked at it, “What’s wrong with it?  It’s a perfectly good dress.”
Stacy had known Rachel since they met in Mrs. Guthrie’s kindergarten class, where they had become best friends immediately.  Stacy had always been the wild one; not caring what people thought of her, but Rachel was quite different.  Rachel had always tried to please everyone, from her parents to her now ex-husband, Derrick.  However, it was done at the sacrifice of her own desires.
“I knew you wouldn’t have the proper outfit, so I bought you something to wear tonight.”  Stacy smiled, as she handed Rachel the large bag with Victoria Secret boldly printed on the side  “Here, just what a woman needs for her first night out with complete freedom to do as she wishes.”  Stacy said with a mischievous grin on her face.
Rachel took the bag and poured its contents out on the bed and what she saw made her face take on the softest shade of red.  “I can’t wear this…”
“Oh, yes, you can, and you will.  It’s about time you released the hot vixen I know you’ve kept hidden all these years.”  Stacy handed Rachel the white lace g-string panties.  “Every woman needs her Slut Wear for a night to celebrate her freedom and you, my friend, are finally free.”
Rachel took the sexy object and blushed at the thought of it against her skin.  “I don’t know if I should,” she protested, but the look in her eyes betrayed her words.
Rachel and Derrick had been sweethearts since Junior High School and then married straight out of high school.  He was the captain of the football team and the pride of their hometown when he led the team to the state finals in their senior year.  Derrick had big plans of going off to college on a football scholarship.  Unfortunately, he had never gotten the necessary grades, so he ended up working for his father’s, Advertising Agency after graduation, then six months later he and Rachel were married.
Rachel had always dreamed of going off to college and getting her degree in education.  She had wanted to work with special needs children, but when Derrick took the job with his father, she knew her dream was not to be.  Derrick had made it quite clear that he did not approve of her going away to college, so she had gone to work for the Superintendent of Schools with her mother.
Things went along fine for the first couple of years, but once she began to talk about starting a family, Derrick grew distant.  It all began with him coming home late from work then to taking extended business trips out of town.  She had believed that he was just busy, but the day she found lipstick on his underwear after one of his trips, she knew the ugly truth.
“That asshole never deserved you,” Stacy said, noticing a look of sadness across Rachel’s face.  “Hell, he was lucky to have you in the first place.”
Rachel handed the panties to Stacy, “I can’t go out tonight.  It’s too soon.”
“Like hell it is!  You are finally free to be the woman I know you can be.  Shit, do you even know how sexy you are?” Stacy smiled playfully.  “I remember all the boners you would cause every time you walked out on the field in your little cheerleader outfit.  Hell, to be honest, you even made my pussy get good and moist,” Stacy, laughed at the shocked look on Rachel’s face.  “So, push all the cruel things that asshole said aside, and get ready for the night of your life!”
Not a word passed between them as Stacy reached for the buttons on Rachel’s blouse.  Rachel began to pull away, but the look in Stacy’s eyes made her relax.
“You’ll drive them wild tonight,” Stacy winked, as she tossed the blouse on the bed then reached for the front clasp of her bra.
The look of hunger in Stacy’s eyes as she unclasped the bra and opened it to expose two perfectly shaped breasts caused Rachel to gasp with surprise.  No one other than Derrick had touched her in this manner, but she found herself enjoying this strange new sensation.
“Perfection,” Stacy smiled, leaning down and tenderly kissing each firm nipple.  She then reached for the button and zipper on Rachel’s jeans.
“Stacy, I’ve never…”  Rachel breathlessly protested as Stacy slid the pants down her quivering legs until they lay at her feet.
“I know, but I’ve wanted to do this for years.”  Stacy pulled the pink lace bikini panties down toward the floor where Rachel stepped out of them, along with the jeans.
Rachel was speechless.  She knew how Stacy had experimented sexually in college, but she never imagined anything like this would happen to her.  The feel of Stacy’s tongue as it licked and teased each nipple caused a moan to escape her lips, and she suddenly found herself caught up in this delicious moment.
Excitement burned from deep inside of Stacy at Rachel’s response, so she decided to take things further.  She gently pushed Rachel down onto the bed and spread her trembling legs.  She paused a moment relishing the sight before her, and then she leaned down and tenderly kissed Rachel’s smooth and trembling inner thigh.
Rachel felt her body ignite with desire, but her eyes shown a mixture of fear and lust.  Why am I letting her do this?  She wondered, but she knew why.  She wanted this to happen.  For too long, Derrick had made her feel undesirable.  “Oh, yes…” the words escaped her lips as she felt Stacy take possession of her now moist and demanding pussy.
Stacy felt Rachel respond to this assault on her senses and was pleased when Rachel lifted her hips to meet the tongue that was giving her such pleasure.
Stacy knew this was something Rachel had never experienced, and she wanted to make sure she would enjoy this exquisite discovery on her sexual journey.  She knew a wild and sensual woman was hiding behind the proper, good girl image that Rachel had created over the years.  “That’s it, baby, give yourself over to the feeling,” Stacy purred, as she rubbed the firm clit that was now demanding attention with two fingers.
The room seemed to grow hot as Rachel gave herself over to the feelings surging throughout her body.  In all the times she had made love with Derrick, she had never felt such burning need or desire.  She had often wondered what an orgasm felt like, but she had assumed it was her fault never to have experienced one.  Derrick had always told her she was cold and boring in bed, so she blamed herself for his lack of interest.
Stacy could feel the need for release steadily building inside of Rachel, and she knew her friend was about to enjoy the sweet satisfaction of her first orgasm.  No, hold on, baby.  It needs to happen with someone else; Stacy thought as she licked the salty, sweet taste from the hot pussy she had nearly driven to the point of complete bliss.
“Why did you stop?” Rachel moaned breathlessly, trying to hold on to the perfect memory of Stacy’s tongue as it devoured her.
The feeling of desire flowing through Stacy was difficult to push aside as she sat up and looked into Rachel hunger filled eyes.  “I wanted to be sure you were ready for tonight.  You are going to find a sexy stud that’s going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before”  Stacy smiled, licking the sweet honey, shimmering on her full and pouty lips.
“I’m going to what?” Rachel was hoping that she had heard Stacy wrong.  “I don’t know if I can do something like that…with a complete stranger.”
Stacy smiled then leaned forward and gently kissed Rachel on the lips, “Yes, you can.  Tonight you will fulfill the fantasies you’ve talked about so many times since we’ve known each other.  I know there is a vixen hidden deep inside of you begging to be set free, and tonight is going to be that night
Rachel looked into Stacy’s eyes and licked the sweet, salty taste left on her lips from the kiss.  She could feel the sexual heat as it radiated off her best friend and before she knew what she was doing.  She pulled Stacy into her arms and hungrily took possession of the soft and luscious lips that just moments before had brought her such bliss.  Their lips met with a ravenousness hunger, and the taste of her own nectar caused Rachel to moan with desire.  “Please, I want my first orgasm to be with you,” Rachel said breathlessly, as she reached for the button on Stacy’s jeans.
The words were like music to her ears, but Stacy knew what Rachel needed tonight.  “While I would love nothing more than to be the person to share your first, I know for you to finally push the hurtful words that asshole said out of your mind it has to be with a hot, sexy stud.”  Stacy smiled, as she pulled away and stood.  “Now that you’re hot and ready, so let’s get you dressed.”
It was the most erotic experience Rachel could imagine.  The feeling as Stacy pulled the lace g-string up her legs caused her to tremble with delight.  She felt as though it was all a delicious dream; this causing Rachel to close her eyes and enjoy every moment.
“How could anyone not want this body?” Stacy said as she lifted Rachel’s arms to pull the lace dress over her head, and then she marveled how it hugged each curve to perfection.  The dress was cut so low in the front that it barely covered the perfectly shaped breasts pressing against the fabric.  The back scooped down to playfully show the little red, silk rose on the back of her g-string panties.
“It’s so tight,” Rachel protested, but as soon as she opened her eyes and looked in the mirror; her breath caught in her throat.  “Oh, my…”
“Babe, we’re not done yet.”  Stacy reached for the bottle lying next to the bag.  “Let’s add a little shine.”
Rachel stood transfixed as Stacy poured some of the lotion on her hand then reached up and rubbed it on her breasts then on her back.  Her full breasts now shimmered the softest shade of gold, causing Stacy to smile as she saw the look in Rachel’s eyes.  At that moment, Stacy knew the vixen hidden all these years was now awake and ready to play.
The silence between them was intoxicating as they went about the task of preparing for the evening, exchanging an occasional smile or playful caress.  Each one knew things would never be the same between them, but the anticipation of the fun ahead made them moist and ready for anything.  Once finished, they both stood in front of the mirror and drank in the beauty before them.
“Shit, you look good enough to fuck!” Stacy teased as she moved the fabric aside and licked the firm nipple that had been peeking from behind the lace dress.
“Thank goodness for those beautiful, little lace roses, or everyone would be able to see your hard nipples and that hot, little pussy of yours.”  Stacy licked her lips then reached her hand under the tight fitting dress, which barely covered the forbidden treasure, and rubbed two fingers into the still moist folds.

“Just one last taste before we go,” Stacy smiled as she licked the warm, juices from her fingertips.  “Let’s go, sexy, it’s time to get you properly laid.”

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